Hello and welcome to my student blog site!

My name is Ash, and I am a biology student at the University of St. Andrews. As a biologist, I am passionate about the environment and what I can do to play my part. Don't worry, this blog is not an attempt to force-feed readers any specific ideologies. The aims of this blog are to contemplate ways in which we can improve ourselves and the planet, with "take it or leave it" articles that I have researched, practiced and compartmentalised for your benefit.

Examples of content to come:

  • Environmental issues

  • Eco-politics

  • Fun activities

  • Lifestyle pieces

  • Student well-being 

  • Book reviews

  • Company ethic reviews

  • Local reviews and interviews

  • Product reviews

  • Environmentally themed creative writing

  • Guest blogging

  • Recipes

  • Transition University of St. Andrews

Over the next year, I plan to cover a wide-range of topics. Some of which may include specific issues regarding student life in St. Andrews. However, all of my blog posts will contain material useful to students in any university and the general public. 

I am lucky enough to be associated with the wonderful and sustainable "Transition University of St. Andrews". Transition works daily to create amazing opportunities and promote environmentally friendly living within our small town.  Some of my blog posts will contain informative text on their facilities and events. Additionally, my main blog posts will be featured on their website. 

To visit their website, press the following link:


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