Tips for less harmful use of cosmetics!

October 8, 2018

1. General Makeup

Instead of buying more makeup, try to let your current supplies last you longer by reducing the frequency of use. For some of you this isn't a problem, but for those of you who rely on makeup quite heavily, maybe consider getting reacquainted with your natural beauty. It might feel awkward at first, but if you give it time, your eyelashes, skin and self-esteem will benefit from cutting down.


2. Eyelashes and brows

If eye makeup is the hardest item for you to cut-back on, you might want to invest in your own eyelash tint kit and brow tint gel. They aren't too expensive and you don't have to reapply as much eye makeup. Additionally, castor oil is great for nourishing your eyelashes and helping them to grow stronger and longer. 


3. Drink lots of water

Water is essential if you want your skin to be hydrated and radiant. Instead of buying lots of expensive moisturisers, take advantage of free running water and you will find your lips to be less chapped, your hair will have more life, and your skin will be brighter. 


4. Eat healthily

Processed foods, sweeteners, sugar and caffeine will all have their physical internal and external consequences. If you have problems with your skin, you might want to cut back on dairy too. nuts and seeds implement healthy hair growth and eating more vegetables will have your body thanking you. 


5. Soaps and solids

Bars of soap are more sustainable due to less energy-consuming manufacturing and generally less packaging. They also last longer and save you money. However, you may still prefer soap in gel form, especially as it is usually more hydrating. In this case, practice lathering up smaller amounts of body wash with water before applying to your body to reduce your use and buy in bulk for less packaging. Solid shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and perfume are also available in stores!


6. Cut out aerosols 

Aerosols contain gases that contribute to global warming and don't last nearly as long as their solid counterparts. So switch to roll-on deodorant and powdered dry shampoo. There is pretty much a non-aerosol version of every cosmetic these days, including hairspray! 


7. Wash your hair less

Some people can't stand having greasy hair and fair enough. But, if you are washing your hair everyday or several times a week , you are actually drying out your scalp and causing an increase in oil secretions. Consider washing it less, and if your hair is super-oily, invest in a non-aerosol stock of dry shampoo and apply sparingly to reduce your overall cosmetic use. You can rinse your hair in-between shampoo washes with a dash of apple cider vinegar to cleanse and restore pH balance. If you are planning on riding out the grease for longer, you can be clever with up-do hairstyles, bandanas and hats to hide the oil.


8. Get creative

make your own face masks and salt scrubs with natural ingredients. Once you have made a few of your own, you will be surprised by how expensive a tiny pot of product can be in stores. 


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